Happy as a Clam

Jeremy Clarkson is happy

Today I was driving down a winding road with my jalopy, sure it wasn’t a joy ride especially with rain and potholes everywhere, anyway I was listening to some heavy metal with my awesome hi-fi car stereo cassette player from the ’80s when I see in the rear mirror this BMW z4 or what ever it is, I know jack about cars, is coming at frightening speed and getting closer, picture the t-Rex in Jurassic park approaching the jeep from behind getting bigger and bigger in the side mirrors, something like that.

Anyway, this fellow start the maneuver of passing me probably not realizing that there was a turn, so without even putting his blinker on he is right on my left side while another car is coming from the opposite direction, this twat to save his ass from a frontal collision suddenly cuts me off and almost drives me out of the road. His car swings a little but without completely losing control he manage to get back the wheels on the pavement, not before getting so close to the guard rail that… SCCRRRARAAATCHHH, ah ah all the right side of his car gets scratched so bad that… he probably cried like a pansy!

That brightened up my day!

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