When you least expect it

Oh nooooo

My first computer was an Intel 80486 running at the whopping speed of 75MHz and trust me, back in the days it was fast (and freaking expensive). I remember when the OS first crashed on me, I was totally boggled, and if I got lucky I was left with the error message telling me to contact the system administrator, even most baffled, I mean at home we were me my brothers and my parents and for sure non one was a sys admin!!!

After many years and many computers, and many Operating Systems, I came to the conclusion that a hardware/software/OS crash doesn’t happen when you least expect it, the contrary, when you need you PC to give the best it fails on you! That’s why you can prevent it by not doing anything important or entertaining with your PC, ok you can play solitaire but I warned you.

What would we be doing without PC!?

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