Push it

I'd be grateful if you would not push me.

What’s wrong with people, why do they think that’s ok to push you when you are waiting in line, like at the grocery store, it’s not gonna make the cashier go faster. The hell, I’m not even attractive, not to mention that I’m not a girl, so there’s no excuse to push me and bump me with the hope that one of your knuckles can slightly touch my buttocks, I’m a dude, and even quite repellent if I may add.

Honestly I’m not that ugly, think of me as a handsome 5.9 male, blonde hair and blue eyes, spectacular pectorals and an astonishing 6-pack abs. Now just divide all that by 2 and compress the result to the size of soda can, that’s me, oh and don’t forget to remove the blue eyes and blond hair, the pectorals too and the abs.

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