Stupid dog

I can’t stop laughing at this. Seriously, what was he thinking, I can see a human being doing that, there are plenty of dumb asses out there but, I don’t know, even animals are becoming stupid these days. :-\

I guess to this dog jumping off of a moving car to join his fellow canine seemed a good idea.

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20 Responses to “Stupid dog”

  1. Supremor says:

    The expression of the other dog is priceless, is totally WTF!

  2. ahahah says:

    that’s not funny at all

  3. satch says:

    My dog did the same thing, some bruises but nothing serious.

  4. TheMunker says:

    Poor doggy

  5. james says:

    I can’t stop staring at it, awesome

  6. ElVino says:

    omg i hope the dog’s ok:s

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  8. tempest says:

    Im a dog owner and i luv em but that was sum funny ass shit,lol

  9. adrian says:

    i hope the dog died, in pain. such a stupid animal.

  10. Fucking go to hell i hope you die of torture fucking animal hater

  11. WTF adrian says:

    those are the begging stages of a serial killer you fucking shithead!

  12. Dog Boutique says:

    That is not at all funny. What idiot thought it would be funny to have their dog jump out like that? The poor dog was either very seriously injured or died! How is that funny in any way? The owner should be thrown from a moving vehicle.

  13. dubxx says:

    how can you laugh about a dog that’s getting seriously injured?

  14. Dan says:

    lol @ the angry people. it was obviously not done on purposes you dumbasses

  15. PERSON says:

    funny at first
    but sad

  16. aguy says:

    Hilarious, laughed out loud. People who unconditionally love animals are retards. Animals are like people, some are great, some are jerks, and some are retarded. This dogs retarded, and I’m pretty sure he lived with only minor injuries.

  17. Irvingman says:


  18. Anam says:

    It’s only funny because it’s amusing to see a creature that’s not a human doing something dumbass-y once in a while.

  19. michael says:

    lol’ed , plus obviously this dog was stupid , i was complaining about my cat but this is worst and ,waever if he dies, theres a million more brilliant dog waiting for you out there ( more in the making )

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